Inspired by everything created by Nature, a leaf, a snowflake, an unfurling fern.

My style is earthy, comfortable, colorful, fresh, and classic, all rolled into one.

As a self taught Jewelry Artist, I'm always taking new classes to improve my jewelry making skills. Recently, I have taken classes in both Precious Metal Clay and Metal Smithing techniques. At the moment, I favor using Turquoise, Semiprecious stones, Freshwater pearls, Sterling, Gold, and leather materials, but you never know what I will fancy next.
In addition to jewelry making, I also enjoy gardening, Yoga, traveling, exploring, hiking, cooking, photography, and just about anything that involves Nature. I find great joy in community volunteering, teaching, and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

I love new beginnings, change, and yet home is where I love to be. I love spending time with my family and friends, whom support my endeavors. You know who you are.."Thank YOU!"

Thank you for stopping by, "Namaste".

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